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NERAK as the specialists offer for nearly every task in vertical conveyoring solution.


It doesn't matter if you want to convey Euro pallets, single newspapers, silicium lumps or finest dust: For the vertical conveying of unit loads and bulk solids NERAK offers various systems. Simple bucket conveyor or heavy load pallet lifts, NERAK products are for years worldwide successful operating and are always the optimal solution for the individual application.

The NERAK conveying systems own as driving element the NERAK rubber block chain produced in a high technical process under high quality requirements.

The NERAK rubber block chain grants by its a very high availibility.


  • Maintenance free operation and

  • Longevity


Please let us know your application. We look forward to offer you the solution.

The mechanical qualities allow conveying distances and loads which can partly not be realised with conventional conveying systems.


Conveyors for loose bulk materials

Our experience covers a vast range of bulk materials from many industrial sectors.

The unique qualities of NERAK bucket elevators ensures their use in many industries for conveying a wide range of products from building materials to food and high value pharmaceuticals.

NERAK Continuous Bucket Conveyors(WB BUCKET CONVEYORS)

The assembly with no moving parts is capable of high conveying rates,up to 200 cbm/hr. Large capacity and quiet gentle handling enable NERAK bucket elevators to be used equally for delicate foodstuffs and coarse, abrasive materials.


NERAK Pendulum Bucket Conveyors(PB BUCKET CONVEYORS)

The polyamide nylon buckets are fitted with sealed bearings ensuring smooth and easy tipping. They are located between two toothed rubber block chains with internal steel cables to provide high tensile strength. The rubber chains are corrosion resistant and require no lubrication.
The width of the fill point is determined by the bucket width, but any length of infeed can be accommodated.

NERAK pendulum elevators can have any number of discharge points from the underside of the top horizontal section.

The discharge points are operated by either a pneumatically or electromagnetically actuated cam which engages with a web moulded into the bucket.

This provides a bucket tip of up to 180°, ensuring complete product discharge. The different bucket sizes cover a range up to 120 cbm/h.


NERAK Vertical S-conveyor for boxes and totes

S-type conveyor

NERAK vertical conveyors provide gentle unit load handling for a wide range of product configurations with sizes up to a Euro pallet.

The NERAK S-conveyor provides vibration free vertical transfer for unit loads from the horizontal infeed conveyor to the discharge - either up or down.

We are able to offer a range of vertical unit load conveyors to suit a variety of applications, each tailored to individual requirements. At the heart of all our conveying systems are the heavy duty NERAK rubber block chains.


NERAK continuous vertical conveyors can provide considerable space saving over more conventional inclined conveyors and can be configured for "S" or "C" shape.

A series of polyester rods form the platforms which are carried by NERAK rubber block chains, providing quiet smooth running with high throughput rates. 

Portal Lift

Vertical Conveyor

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